The Facilities of the Schuler School of Fine Arts

The Schuler School of Fine Arts is located in the heart of Baltimore, an architecturally and sculpturally rich city. In addition to fine museums of its own, Baltimore's proximity to the museums of Washington, Philadelphia, and NewYork make it an ideal place to study traditional painting and sculpture.

The school is located in the studio built by Hans Sr. in 1906 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The first floor is divided into two main rooms, including the two-story sculpture studio, with a substantial northern skylight that is the perfect lighting for classes. Attached is the Schuler family home, built in 1912. The family dining room is regularly host to lunchtime gatherings where student and faculty mingle.

The school has an extensive library of instructional materials: books, including older, hard-to-find publications, videotapes, plaster casts, reproductions of old master works, and original Hans Schuler, Sr.'s sculpture maquettes. The school's art gallery, at 9 East Lafayette Avenue, is open by appointment and shows both staff and student work.



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The Schuler School